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Criminal Defense

Our firm has the experience and expertise to defend our clients against any serious criminal charge. We handle major cases in both State and Federal courts here in Georgia.

Our Practice Areas include:

Complex Drug Charges/Trafficking/ Conspiracy

Drug Possession /Intent to Distribute

Weapons Charges

White Collar Crimes/ Identity Fraud/ Credit Card Fraud

Murder/Aggravated Assault/Armed Robbery

Property Crimes/ Burglary/Theft

Public Corruption


Probation Violations

Bond Hearings

All Major Felonies/ Misdemeanors

Overview of what to expect in your criminal case:


If you find yourself under investigation or have been arrested for alleged criminal misconduct and wrongdoing, it is absolutely imperative to have a skilled advocate who can help you gather evidence, interview witnesses, obtain statements, photographs, police body cameras, surveillance cameras, interview and consult necessary experts, and collect any other relevant information which can impact the outcome of your case. We have the ability to communicate effectively with prosecutors and judges, where we have prepared a defense investigation that will be used to bring about a good outcome when we get to the courtroom. A solid investigation, a strong knowledge of the applicable statutory and case law combined with excellent oral advocacy gets results.


When your case has been indicted or accused and formal charges have been filed, it is now the time for you to have an experienced courtroom advocate who understands how to effectively prepare and make persuasive presentations at bond hearings, and pretrial motions hearings; and at trial how to select the best jury for your case, deliver powerful and persuasive oral arguments, have the necessary skillset to effectively cross examine every single witness who takes the witness stand against you, and the ability to make timely and appropriate objections to protect your rights. 

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